Jason Russell was elected to serve on South Euclid City Council in November 2015. He campaigned on a message of how city government can be more proactive, innovative, efficient and transparent.

By day, Jason is a city planner for the City of Lakewood, Ohio. In this role, he focuses on projects that improve the quality of life for its residents and revitalizes the City’s historic housing stock. Jason has worked with city officials to expand the use of federal funds to assist a growing number of business owners and residents.

Previously, Jason served as a Project Manager for the Civic Commons, a start-up online civic engagement platform. As a manager, he utilized technology to engage more individuals in issues in their community. The concept was to time-shift civic engagement to allow engagement now matter the time of day, so more voices could be involved in the process. He pioneered the use of Mobile Town Halls, which utilized Skype to bring politicians to their constituents throughout the course of their normal day.

In 2012, Jason was selected as inaugural member of the Cuyahoga County Next Generation Council, which seeks to bring together the young minds of the region, to help solve the problems of today while increasing participation in governmental processes among young professionals. Jason led a group of members who lobbied county government to be more inclusive in their board and commission appointments and was successful is getting a number of young professionals appointed to influential board and commission positions.

Jason is a native of Northeast Ohio and graduated from Hudson High School. He went on to play college football at Lehigh University and earned a bachelor’s degree in Urban Studies. He returned to Cleveland to procure his Master’s in Urban Planning from Cleveland State University.

Jason lives on Winston Road in the historic Bluestone neighborhood of South Euclid.