South Euclid Magazine - Spring 2016

South Euclid is a vibrant community. First time homeowners, young families, empty nesters, and those choosing to age in place are just a few examples of our celebrated diversity. Our government seeks to provide high quality services to all, recognizing the  our different needs and preferences. I believe government is at its best when it's representatives meet with residents frequently to re-evaluate the quality and level of services it provides. Now is an excellent time.

Despite new commercial development and a rebounding residential market, our community faces a budget deficit that exceeds $1 million dollars. This deficit has been created by a number of factors, the majority of which are outside of our control. In recent years, Mayor Welo and City Council have worked to cut operating costs in response to declining revenues, but unfortunately the deficit remains. I believe before any conversations take place to discuss new ways to generate revenue, we need to have a very open and honest conversation together about the type, level and quality of services we expect from our government. We may find additional ways to save. We may not. We will gain a better understanding for how we can adequately address the needs of our community. Make no mistake, we face tough challenges and decisions, but South Euclid has always taken an innovative approach to problem solving. Our housing revitalization efforts and the creation of One South Euclid are just two examples. We as a community will again respond to our budget challenges in a sensible and renewed fashion.

Jason Russell