South Euclid Magazine - Fall 2016

That was one hot summer wasn’t it? I think my grass is still recovering from the scorching heat and drought. As we transition from summer to fall, the leaves begin to turn colors and daylight hours become shorter. With this transition comes the beginning of school. As always please drive safely and slowly as children are back to their morning and evening commutes to our schools, let’s all do our part to help ensure safe routes to schools. (That includes shoveling sidewalks in the winter.)
I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the upcoming election. This isn’t where I advocate for a particular candidate or issue, but rather its my reminder of the importance of exercising your right to vote. No matter the candidate, issue, or cause you support, it is essential that you vote! To that end, voter registration closes on October 11th. If you have recently moved or simply haven’t voted in awhile, take a moment to ensure you are properly registered at the Board of Elections. As usual, Election day is the second Tuesday after the first Monday, which this year is November 8th. Mark your calendar. Sure, we are voting for a President and US Senator, but there are many other local offices on the ballot including judges. Be sure to vote the entire ballot. The decisions made by these local office holders have a tremendous impact on your life. Voting absentee is great way to be able to review your ballot and research all the candidate and issues to help inform your decision. Join me in voting on November 8th.

Jason Russell