South Euclid Magazine - Spring 2017

2017 is the centennial year for our community. A time to celebrate and reflect on our rich history and progress. It’s a great opportunity to begin visioning what the next 100 years could look like. It is true that our community faces many challenges, but together with proper planning and strategy we can overcome them. As an initial step, we need to come together to determine the type of community we want to be and set the bar of service expectation for our local government. Some of these necessary conversations might be uncomfortable and difficult. However, with proper communication and civility, everyone’s point of view can be heard, understood and help shape the vision for our community. We want our vision to represent the entire community, filled with diverse thoughts and opinions. A vision that addresses and represents the needs and desires of all within the community. As I mentioned earlier, this all will take time and requires proper and continued communication. We as members of City Council, want to hear from you. As such, we are conducting several meetings during the month of June to help share information about the city’s financial picture. I hope you can make at least one of those meetings. Also, Council as a body is creating a more vigorous communication strategy to help distribute information in various ways to ensure everyone is notified regardless of how you receive information. I look forward to hearing your ideas as we roll up our sleeves and get to work shaping the future of South Euclid.

Jason Russell