South Euclid Council moves towards allowing medical marijuana business; hears from interested dispenser

May 9, 2017 - City Council, on Monday, worked on setting some parameters as to where in the city medical marijuana retailers and cultivators could set up shop, and also received a visit from some well-known people seeking to sell the product in South Euclid. 


South Euclid moves to create medical marijuana district

Councilman Jason Russell supports the so-called "pot plan," and said by attracting businesses that cultivate, process and dispense medical marijuana, the city could tap into an emerging industry.

"I think we're getting ahead of it, because it's legal in the state of Ohio, and if we do nothing, they could just pop up wherever they like. And so the proposed legislation helps put some controls on that to keep it a certain distance from churches, schools, playgrounds," Russell said.


South Euclid could have a say before buildings are demolished

Council is considering legislation that would give the city a say in the matter before a home or commercial building is demolished.

The legislation, sponsored by Ward 2 Councilman Jason Russell, is intended to ensure that what replaces a demolished building is acceptable to the community, and that buildings that may be valued by the community are not torn down without consideration.